The best present to get her this Christmas is the one that will show her how much she is loved and respected.

What to Get Her for Christmas This Holiday Season

What Do Women Love and Want?

We all know that women can be demanding and hard-to-please sometimes but there is one thing they all have in common - they love being looked after and pampered by the special people in their lives.

That is why we have collected an extensive list of the best Christmas gift ideas for her so that you can give her special attention this holiday season and surprise her with the perfect present.

The best Christmas gifts for her this holiday; what to get her for Christmas; what do women love and want

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her That She's Going to Love

Surprise her this Christmas with a great and heartwarming gift. Whether you are looking for a present for your wife, sister, or friend, we have gift ideas for all of them.

Mother and Grandmother

Christmas gifts for mother and grandmother; cookie baking set, face moisturizer set, bonsai tree

  • Cookie Baking Set – If she loves cooking then she will absolutely love baking Christmas cookies for the whole family during the holiday season.
  • Custom Caricature from Photo – Give her an one-of-a-kind gift, which she will remember all year. Christmas gifts for her-mother and grandmother, custom caricature from photo
  • Bonsai Tree – A great gift for women who love having plants at home.
  • Electric Kettle – A practical gift that your mother/grandmother will definitely like.
  • Face Moisturizer Set – As the winter season tends to dry out the skin, she will need a good moisturizer to keep her face hydrated and glowing. See more
  • Air Fryer – Great for the woman who loves cooking and wants to prepare tasty meals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Gift ideas for your wife; crossbody bag, necklace, eyeshadow palette, cookbook

  • Crossbody Bag – Every woman loves fashion accessories. Surprise her with a stylish and elegant bag that will complete her winter outfits.
  • Necklace – Express your love this Christmas by giving your wife a classy and elegant necklace.
  • Personalized Caricature – Show your wife how much you love her by getting her a unique caricature of the two of you this Christmas. Christmas gift ideas for your wife, personalized caricature
  • Wallet – Surprise your special lady with a stylish wallet.
  • Eyeshadow Palette – If your wife loves having flawless makeup every day then you can get her an eyeshadow palette with richly pigmented shades. See more
  • Cookbook – If your woman loves cooking or wants to improve her skills in the kitchen, then this gift is the right one for her.


Christmas gifts for her-daughter; Christmas advent calendar, bracelet kit, toga mat, hair hydration set

  • Hair Dryer – It’s an essential and practical item for every woman.
  • Christmas Advent Calendar – There are lots of options from different brands on the market. Whichever you choose, your daughter will be happy and excited to open 25 drawers of Christmas gifts.
  • Bracelet Kit – If she loves wearing different accessories every day then this gift will surely delight her as she will be able to design and make her unique bracelets. See more
  • Yoga Mat – The perfect Christmas present for her, if she loves working out at home.
  • Hair Hydration Set – It’s a practical gift, which your daughter will appreciate as the hair can get really dry during the cold season. See more


Christmas gift ideas for her - sister; microwavable slippers, makeup brush set, hair styling kit

  • Microwavable Slippers – She will enjoy wearing warm slippers at home during the cold Christmas evenings. See more
  • Travel Bag – If your sister loves traveling then she will be pleased to receive a travel bag for a Christmas present.
  • Makeup Brush Set – Surprise your sister with a high-quality brush set to complete her makeup collection. See more
  • Hair Styling Kit – This hairstyling kit will surely delight your sister as she will be able to create fabulous looks for special occasions. See more
  • Gym Leggings – Get her a pair of quality leggings in which she will feel comfortable and confident training.


Christmas gifts for her - girlfriend; leather belt, makeup bag, instant camera

  • Beauty Subscription Box – If you want to avoid the holiday in-store shopping and the endless queues, you can get her a monthly subscription to a beauty box.
  • Instant Camera – Surprise your girlfriend with a unique and fun Christmas gift. She will love taking photos of the two of you and having them printed straightaway. See more
  • Leather Belt – A great Christmas gift idea for her if she loves wearing stylish accessories.
  • Makeup Bag – Help her keep all her makeup products in one place by gifting her a practical cosmetic case.
  • Curling Iron – Surprise your girlfriend this Christmas with a curling iron so that she can style her hair and create marvelous looks.
  • Custom Caricature – Express your love with a special and personalized gift, which is going to melt your girlfriend’s heart. Christmas gifts for her - girlfriend; Christmas custom caricature

Female Relatives

Christmas gift ideas for her - relatives; Christmas scented candle, perfume palette

  • Scarf and Gloves – Be thoughtful and surprise her with a scarf and gloves set. Every woman needs those accessories to warm her during the cold winter season.
  • Perfume Palette – It’s the perfect gift idea if you don’t know what your female relatives love. See more
  • Gift Card for a Big Retailer – You can’t go wrong with gift cards. Even if you don’t know the recipient well, she will be happy to receive a gift card and buy herself all the things she loves and wants.
  • Christmas Candles – Christmas scented candles are always a great gift idea and they also suit every budget. They will bring the Christmas spirit to any home with their delicious fragrances. See more


Christmas gift ideas for her - friends; fragrance set, bracelet, lighted makeup mirror

  • Group Caricature – Surprise your female friends with an unusual present - a unique custom caricature. You can select a background, or the painting can be created entirely from your idea. Christmas gifts for her - friends; group caricature
  • Bracelet – Every woman would love to receive a new jewelry piece as a Christmas present.
  • Fragrance Set – If you don't know the lady well, you can get her a collection of sample-size perfumes. See more
  • Backpack – It’s a great and practical Christmas present for her. Every woman would love to have a new trendy backpack.
  • Lighted Makeup Mirror – Great for the female friend that loves doing her makeup.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Her That She'll Remember All Year

Unique Christmas Gifts for Her That She'll Remember All Year; name earrings, makeup set

If you want to impress her with a meaningful and exceptional present, you are on the right place.

  • Christmas Caricature from Photo – Surprise your special lady with a personalized Christmas gift that will speak to her interests and passions. Unique Christmas Gifts for Her That She'll Remember All Year; Christmas caricature from photo
  • Name Earrings – Highlight her natural beauty with those unique, elegant, and personalized earrings. Visit the website
  • Makeup Must-Haves Set – Surprise her with a makeup set filled with some of the best and most iconic brands on the market. See more
  • Photo Book – You can even place some photos in and surprise her with a sentimental and heartwarming Christmas gift.
  • Kindle – If she is a book lover then you can get her a kindle so that she can have all her favorite novels in one place.
  • Personalized Recipe Box – Choose a design and a custom text and voila, you have a personalized recipe box for your special lady. See more

Present Ideas For Women Who Have Everything

present ideas for women who have everything; wireless earbuds, wireless charger, genetic ethnicity test, smart watch

  • Wireless charger – Perfect gift idea for the woman who has everything. She can simply place it on her desk or anywhere in her home and charge her phone wirelessly.
  • Genetic Ethnicity Test – Most probably she hasn’t done that yet! She will be eager and excited to find out where her origins come from.
  • Caricature Portrait – If she has everything and you have run out of Christmas ideas for her, then this is the gift for you! Surprise her with a custom caricature painting, which she will love. present ideas for women who have everything; caricature portrait
  • Wireless Earbuds – A great Christmas gift idea if she loves listening to music while she is on the go.
  • Smart Watch – It’s always a good idea to surprise her with a trendy gadget.
  • Pasta Maker – A great gift idea if she is a pasta lover.

Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her That Will Melt Her Heart

romantic Christmas gifts that will melt her heart; eternal roses, watch, lingerie

Surprise the special lady in your life and make her feel loved with those romantic and sentimental Christmas present ideas.

  • Elegant Watch
  • Ring
  • Lingerie
  • Romantic Custom Caricature of the Two of You romantic Christmas gifts that will melt her heart; romantic caricature of the two of you
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Eternal Roses

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Her

Last minute Christmas gifts for her; gym membership, water bottle, reusable coffee cup

There is not enough time for the Christmas shopping this year? We have collected a list of gifts for her that you can get from anywhere at the last minute.

  • Gift Cards for Her Favorite Stores
  • Gym Membership
  • Water Bottle
  • Reusable Coffee Cup

Present Ideas For Different Personality Types

Present ideas for different personality types; gym leggings, suitcase, books

  • Suitcase
  • Scratch the World Map
  • Gym Clothes
  • Book From Her Favorite Author

How to Choose Christmas Gifts for Her - Tips and Tricks

The Perfect Combination of Unique and Thoughtful

The perfect Christmas gift should be well-thought of. It should be something unique and original that would surprise her and exceed her expectations.

Find a Gift That Speaks to Her Interests and Passions

You can get her something that she has wanted for a long time or something that would make her happy because it speaks to her personality and all the things she loves. Just think about all the things that she is passionate about and you will see how the list of Christmas presents for her gets narrower.

Christmas gifts for her; find a gift that speaks to her interests and passions; Christmas gift

Caricature Portrait As a Christmas Gift for Her

Be original this year and give her a meaningful, personalized, and invaluable gift that will melt her heart.

Why to Give Her a Custom Caricature for This Xmas

There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas for her, but the editor's top pick is a personalized caricature from a photo. Not only is it a unique and beautiful present to keep in your home but also it can embody a special and dear moment of the recipient’s life.

This remarkable gift can speak a thousand things. You can express your love and solicitude with it, or you can preserve a funny or valuable moment alive.

Whatever your goal is, the custom caricature is the best Christmas gift to surprise her with. It’s promised to take her breath away as she will be delighted to have something unique and personalized that can speak to her interests and memories.

Where to Get a Personalized Christmas Caricature Portrait

You can find the most interesting hand-drawn caricatures at: 
There are plenty of caricature ideas you can choose from or if you have inspiration you can even come up with your own creative idea and describe it to the caricature team on the website. The skilled artists will do their best to create a unique and personalized caricature to satisfy your requirements and even exceed your expectations.